Německý výrobce inovativních protipovodňových stěn hledá obchodní zástupce v ČR.

A German SME active in the fields of flood protection has developed a flexible flood protection wall that serves as a security solution against flooding.
These flexible flood protection walls are virtually invisible since they are stored in a concrete channel which is integrated in pavement or similar. It can be built up as required in order toprotect against floods and be stored in the concrete channel after use.Since the flood protection wall is stored permanently at the place of use, the wall is ready to use at any time. The wall can be built-up quickly and self-sufficiently without any required machineryor tools by all kind of weather by just one person.The protection height of the walls can be selected individually (between 70 - 200 cm). Statics can be adapted to local conditions as well as to customers' requirements.
The flood protection wall has been proved and extensively tested in cooperation with a university and is certified concerning accepted standards. The wall is protected by patents andis already on the market. It has won a resource efficiency award.In order to open up new markets, the SME is looking for distribution services partners in Austria, France, Poland, Czech Republic and/ or Vietnam.
The partner should be well connected in the market for flood protection solutions and be familiar with specific regulations that prevail in the respective country or region. The partner would work in close collaboration with the German SME. It would be desirable that the partner provides services such as installation and maintenance on site.

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Další informace: M. Drholcová, 532 194 932, e-mail: drholcova@rhkbrno.cz

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