The 3rd international conference BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0 on the digitalisation of production took place on Tuesday 22 January 2019. More than 220 participants again filled the conference premises at Hotel International Brno to hear about innovations and trends in technologies that enable the digitalisation and automation of production processes. The expert programme of the conference, which was held by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce as part of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network along with the INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0, focused on topics associated with the management of production, the processing and evaluation of production data, digital services and cybersecurity in industry.

The international context and experience from abroad were reflected in the lectures given by Jan Burian from the company E&Y and Marko Pfeifer from the prestigious German Fraunhofer Institute. Production management and MES systems were illustrated with practical examples in the lectures by Dr Lubomír Sláma (Act-In CZ) and Leoš Hons (Unis a.s.). An extremely lively interactive presentation was offered by Peter Kurhajec from the Slovak company MTS, spol. s r.o., which has many years of experience in the implementation of automation technology. The importance of collecting relevant data and its subsequent evaluation, whether on the local level or on the cloud, was emphasised in the speeches given by Roman Mužík (B+R automatizace s.r.o.) and Petr Puš from the software company Unicorn. The topic cybernetic threats and preconditions to data security was raised in the presentation by Professor Gerald Quirchmayr from the University of Vienna. The audience learnt how to finance projects in Industry 4.0 and how to take advantage of current subsidies during an extremely lucid lecture given by Milan Sedláček (RENARDS dotační s.r.o.) at the very end of the conference.

Following last year’s success, this year’s event was again accompanied by blocks of business talks during which those taking part met up at prearranged B2B meetings. Austrian companies took particular advantage of this opportunity thanks to excellent co-operation with the business department at the Austrian Embassy in the Czech Republic. More than sixty meetings were held in two blocks.

A year may have passed, but the packed conference hall again showed that the topic Industry 4.0 continues to resonate ever louder among small and medium-sized companies. Both the technology itself and the awareness and ability of people to accept new approaches and make effective use of them will be essential to successful implementation, and this brings with it new demands for knowledge and education. And Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce will continue to endeavour to be as helpful as possible in this regard.

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