Within the Czech Republic, #brnoregion is the place with the highest concentration of companies engaged in research and development. As a result, there is a huge number of opportunities for cooperation on research projects and contracts.

The new data also confirms that our region can continue to compare with other top European centres of innovation. This is evidenced, for example, by our above-average share of R&D spending in GDP or one of the highest shares of R&D workers in the region's total employment.

Are you wondering what industries are driving the region forward? Do you want to know the top 10 fastest growing local tech companies? You'll find it all in the Data Report 2021, prepared by a team of experts from JIC. You can download or share it from our toolbox.

Highlights from the data report

  • The share of graduates from engineering and science faculties in #brnoregion is growing (43.1% in 2014, 47.5% in 2020).
  • #brnoregion ranks 19th in the ranking of regions thanks to the high share of R&D workers in total employment in the region (3.9%), which is high above the national average (2.2%) and the EU average (also 2.2%).
  • #brnoregion is a high-tech region. The share of employees from this sector in the total employment in the South Moravian Region is 5.6% (FYI, this is a value comparable to developed regions from Western European countries; a value that is above the EU average (4.2%) and the national average (4.9%)).
  • The number of foreign students interested in studying in #brnoregion is growing (most of them are from Slovakia, but the number of students from other countries is also growing: post-Soviet countries, but also from Germany). This is almost 1/4 of all students with foreign citizenship. Universities are responding by developing study programmes in English, with around a fifth of all programmes offered in 2019 taught in English.
  • #brnoregion has the second most dynamic regional economy after Prague; 5.1% of firms reported annual revenue growth of 20% or more in the periods under review.

Source: #brnoregion

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